I became the president of The Bellevue Association in June, 2018. As president, I hope to build on the many accomplishments of our distinguished past president Lola Finkelstein, a passionate advocate both for Bellevue Hospital and accessible health care for all residents of New York City.  Fortunately, Lola has remained on the Board as President Emeritus to guide us into the future.

         I am very honored to take on this role. My love of Bellevue Hospital comes honestly to me. My father was Dr. Saul J. Farber, who held many positions of leadership at Bellevue Hospital and NYU Medical Center. Throughout his sixty-year career, the one constant was his dedication to Bellevue Hospital and his belief that its mission of treating the immigrant, the poor and the needy, was the highest calling of the medical profession. I grew up visiting Bellevue often and being inculcated with its atmosphere and ethos. Especially today, the mission of Bellevue, and its commitment to serve the underserved, reminds us not to lose sight of the loftiest ideals of a civilized and humane society.

         For anyone who lives, works, or does business in New York City, Bellevue is the unsung, and unseen, guardian of the public's health. Whether you are the President of the United States, a policeman or fire fighter, a construction worker or a tourist, if you are injured in New York City, the first choice of the first responders will be Bellevue Hospital. It is Bellevue that has faced every epidemic in New York. From yellow fever and typhus in the 1800's, tuberculosis and AIDS in the 1900's, to Ebola in 2014, Bellevue has treated victims of these devastating diseases, often at great risk to its own staff. By protecting the health of the most vulnerable populations, Bellevue protects the health of all citizens. Bellevue is also a world-renowned center for medical education and training where thousands of medical students and residents at NYU Medical Center have learned to be doctors.

         The Bellevue Association is a public-private 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality of health care at Bellevue Hospital Center. Although Bellevue Hospital is funded primarily through NYC Health and Hospitals, The Bellevue Association supports worthwhile programs, raises funds for physical infrastructure and equipment which would not otherwise be possible, and sponsors public health forums for the hospital staff and local community. Please view the list of our projects on this website.

         My goals for The Bellevue Association are two: to raise funds to continue to support projects and programs at Bellevue Hospital and to raise the awareness of the public regarding the vital role Bellevue plays in guarding the health of all New Yorkers.  

         This October 2 we are holding an event to celebrate the career of Dr. Lewis Goldfrank, the Herbert W. Adams Professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU-Langone and Bellevue Hospital Center. Dr Goldfrank is truly an inspiration and a hero of public health who has devoted his life to serving the patients of Bellevue and had mentored thousands of doctors over his forty years at Bellevue and NYU.You can also find information about this event on this website.

         I hope you will join me in furthering the mission of Bellevue Hospital Center and The Bellevue Association. I look forward to working with all of you in the future.  


Beth Farber